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This is a challenge community - every so often, I will post some sort of challenge. I won't limit it to weekly or monthly or any such set timeline - the type of challenge determines how long the challenge will extend. The challenges can range from banner-making to fic prompts and anywhere in-between.

At the end of each challenge, community members will be asked to vote for their favorite in a series of categories - once again determined by the type of challenge. The winner in each category will get a banner to display on their LJ/website/wherever. What you do with your banner is your own business, as long as you keep it in its original form and host it on your own server.

This community has open membership and un-moderated posts. In order to enter a challenge, you will need to join the community and make a new post containing your entry. When posting, please follow the rules listed below. They're fairly simple, and will help the community run more smoothly. You are not required to participate in every challenge. If you don't know how to use Photoshop, or you don't think you write well, or you just plain don't have time due to real-life constraints...don't worry about it! We understand.

I'm probably going to be a pretty laid-back mod. That said, there are some basic, common-sense guidelines to be followed. If you've been in pretty much any community before, these shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

  • STAY ON-TOPIC. All posts must be challenge entries. Questions/discussion about a particular challenge may take place in the comments section of the official post for that challenge. Discussion of a particular entry is more than welcomed, as long as it stays in the comments section of that entry. Discussion of WeeVer in general should be directed to a community such as weevers_unite.

  • LEARN TO USE AN LJ CUT. Hopefully, most of you already know how to do this. If you don't, do yourself a favor and ask somebody or find a tutorial. All fic entries MUST be placed under a cut, preceeded by the following information:


    Larger graphics should be cut as well. For icon submissions, a standard 3-icon teaser is acceptable, but any more need to be placed under a cut.

  • HELP YOUR MOD STAY ORGANIZED. For my sake, please tag each entry with your username and the official challenge title (will be the subject line of the original challenge post). If you forget, I'll gently remind you. It's not TOO huge of a deal, but please try your best to remember to do this.

  • DO NOT FLAME OTHER USERS. Negative feedback is fine, if you feel that it's justified; to clarify, "This was pretty boring. Where's the plot? Where's the action? It needs more substance to make it worth reading." is a bad review. "You suck! This story is terrible and I hated it!" is a flame. Basically, if you dislike it, give us a good reason. In this same vein, don't bash other 'ships. Yes, some of us might be a bit squicked-out by LoVe, but respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If a disagreement comes up in comments, fine. If it turns into bashing and insulting each other, that's when I'll step in. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  • RESPECT THE UNSPOILED. Not all of us - your mod included - are able to be home to watch VM at its regular airtime. For this reason, anything pertaining to a newly-aired episode should be considered a spoiler until the following Sunday. Most submissions will be cut anyway, but be sure to warn us if spoilers lurk below the cut. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  • DISTRIBUTION POLICY. Obviously, by entering these challenges, authors and artists are putting their work in a public domain. Nevertheless, all media housed here, be it fic, icons, vids, etc, are the sole property of their creator. If you would like to archive a fic or use a graphic, ask permission first. If you are granted permission, credit the creator. If you don't know how to properly credit someone else's work, you have no business using it. This is common courtesy, people - violation of this rule will get you banned.

If you would like to create a banner for mars_navarro, feel free! Putting one of these babies in your profile is a great way to pimp the community. Is it required? No. But it would be very much appreciated!

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