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Nostalgia Challenge; Official Challenge Post

Ack!! My computer's gone all wonky. rosemerry's banner is up, though credit has not yet been added to the userinfo. It was in trying to adjust the other colors that I ran into problems, so please, just ignore the freakiness that is our current layout - I'll have it straightened out as soon as I can.

So, then - onto our next challenge! I'm going to reiterate: challenges are for everyone's personal enjoyment. If we have enough entries to vote, we will. If not, we won't. Simple as that. I don't want to force anyone into anything, and please realize that my due dates are very very lax - I'm the world's biggest procrastinator myself. Without further ado...

--Cheesy? Possibly. Fun? Undoubtedly. Write a fic that involves Weevil, Veronica, and one of two childhood games: Spin the Bottle, or Truth or Dare.

--Fics can be of any length and any rating.

--As long as both Veronica and Weevil appear, other characters are left entirely up to you, but obviously they need to be the main focus and main 'ship. Above all, be creative!! How you interpret the prompt is completely up to you.

--Entries are due in 1 month (August 31st).

Submission Guidelines:

--All entries must be submitted in a new post.

--All posts must be tagged with your username and "Nostalgia Challenge".

--All entries must be placed under an lj-cut.

--The following information must be included outside of the lj-cut: Title, Summary, Rating, and any spoiler warnings. Although seeing as how we're currently in hiatus, that shouldn't really be a problem.

Questions, thoughts? Leave a comment.
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