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teach me to be fabulous.....

Mod Post; Challenge Extension

So, it is now officially over a week past the deadline, and still only one submission...for two challenges. I understand that RL more often than not takes away the time we wish we could spend in fandom - look at the fact that it took me this long to make this post! Summer especially usually incurs somewhat of a dearth in fiction. So, here's the deal: I'm going to extend the current challenges to Friday, July 21st. I don't want this community to be crazy-strict, where the mod gets mad at people that don't enter challenges. So, we will continue to run challenges. At the end of each challenge, I will make a post linking to all submissions, and if we have enough, we'll vote. If not, we won't. Simple as that.

(For the current banner challenge, we will do a vote if we get any more entries, even if there are only two. If we don't recieve anymore entries, rosemerry will win by default and have her banner used as the community banner.)

Comments, questions, etc?
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