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Community Banner Challenge, Pool Challenge; Official Challenge Post

OK, so here's the deal: I was hoping to get a larger membership up. But, we can't sit around and wait forever, so what we're going to do is run the first two challenges at the same time; a fic challenge and a graphic challenge, so there's something for everyone. I'm going to keep pimping this place out, because that's my job, but if any of you could help out a bit and advertise in a community or two it would be much appreciated. This is in no way mandatory.

The Basics:

Graphic Challenge
--The current community banner is just a placeholder - it's actually an adaptation of one that I made for a different website, so we need to rememdy that. You've got pretty much free rein on this one - just make a banner.

Fic Challenge
--This first challenge will be from a prompt. In honor of the start of the summer season, the prompt will be "pool". How you choose to interpret that word is completely up to you, but keep in mind that we are referring to the kind of pool that you swim in, as opposed to the game with cues and pockets.

The Specifics:

--Banner size should be 700x400 pixels.

--Any pictures of Weevil and Veronica are welcome, as long as they are screencaps, episode stills, or promo picture from Veronica Mars; that means no pictures of Kristen Bell and Francis Capra as themselves, or in other roles.

--Listing the community name on the banner is not nessecary. Other text, such as lines from poems or songs, is welcome.

--When all entries are submitted, community members will vote, and the banner with the most votes will replace the current community banner.

--Members may submit up to 2 entries for this challenge.

--Veronica Mars screencaps can be found at such sites as VM-Caps.


--Fics can be of any length and any rating.

--As long as both Veronica and Weevil appear, other characters are left entirely up to you, but Veronica and Weevil need to be the main focus.

--How you interpret the prompt is up to you; Weevil and Veronica do not both nessecarily have to be in a pool for the fic to count. Use your own judgement, and be creative!

--When all entries are submitted, community members will vote on the following categories: Hottest, Fluffiest, Most Original, Best Characterization, Best Overall.

--Members are limited to one entry for this challenge.

You will have three weeks to complete one or both of these challenges; entries should be recieved by midnight of June 23rd. I can be a little lenient on the due date, as I may not get around to compiling the poll exactly on time. And lastly:

Submission Guidelines:

--All entries must be submitted in a new post.

--All posts must be tagged with your username and either "Pool Challenge" or "Community Banner Challenge". If you are submitting multiple entries, or entries for both challenges, they will need to be made as separate posts.

--All entries must be placed under an lj-cut.

--Fic entries must include the following information outside of the lj-cut: Title, Summary, Rating, and any spoiler warnings. Although seeing as how we're currently in hiatus, that shouldn't really be a problem.

--Graphic entries should include the actual image and a link to the image.

--Graphic entries: Images must be hosted on your own personal server for the duration of the challenge - somewhere that does not hide your image if you exceed your bandwith. This means NO Photobucket! Seeing as how Livejournal now allows members to upload pictures for free, this should not be a problem. Once the winner is chosen, I will host that banner on my personal journal, just to make sure nothing happens to it.

--Graphic entries: With your submission, please include the following: where you got your image (a specific website; "I had it saved on my computer" is not good enough.), credit for any brushes used, and credit for any text that appears on the banner. Failure to provide this information will disqualify you, and will put you on "probation", so to speak - that is, if you fail to properly credit a second time, you will be banned without warning. People go through alot of work to make caps and brushes and deserve to be credited accordingly.

I have created tags for every member of this community. _miss_daisy_, it wouldn't let me use your username as a tag - I'm guessing because of the underscore at the beginning. So if you could please tag your entries as "miss_daisy" instead, that would be great. If you're a new member (as in you've joined after this challenge was issued), leave a comment and I will add a tag for your username.

I apologize for being so anal, I just wanted all the bases covered. If you still have additional questions or comments, please leave them as a comment to this post.

Look forward to seeing all the entries!
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