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WeeVer Challenge Community [entries|friends|calendar]
WeeVer Challenge Community

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[08 Jul 2007|03:21pm]

Hello! I'm not sure if this is allowed, feel free to delete it if it's not.  I'm just writing to let everyone know that I just made a weekly Veronica Mars drabble community, if you want to join. 100mysteries
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WeeVer fanfic awards [16 Feb 2007|07:59am]

Winners have now been announced over at lylt
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quick reminder [13 Feb 2007|07:37am]

Just three more days to vote in the WeeVer fanfic awards - voting will close on the 15th - so get your votes in quick!!

The poll can be found here

hopefully I'll be all ready for the big reveal on Friday!!
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Nostalgia Challenge; Official Challenge Post [01 Aug 2006|12:44am]

Ack!! My computer's gone all wonky. rosemerry's banner is up, though credit has not yet been added to the userinfo. It was in trying to adjust the other colors that I ran into problems, so please, just ignore the freakiness that is our current layout - I'll have it straightened out as soon as I can.

So, then - onto our next challenge! I'm going to reiterate: challenges are for everyone's personal enjoyment. If we have enough entries to vote, we will. If not, we won't. Simple as that. I don't want to force anyone into anything, and please realize that my due dates are very very lax - I'm the world's biggest procrastinator myself. Without further ado...

Challenge Two: Nostalgia ChallengeCollapse )
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[22 Jul 2006|10:34pm]

OK guys, both parts of Challenge #1 are now officially closed. We recieved one fic entry:

The Force of Gravity, by bigsciencybrain.

And one banner entry, by rosemerry.

As promised, rosemerry's banner will become the new community banner. bigsciencybrain, I know most people don't care about banners unless they're for an actual award, but if you would like me to make you a participation banner I would be happy to do so. Just let me know.

The banner change and the new challenge post will occur sometime before Wednesday.
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Fic Challenge - Pool (R) [08 Jul 2006|09:52pm]

Title: The Force of Gravity
Rating: R (language and sexual content)
Summary: It's a darker Neptune, a darker Eli Navarro, and Veronica's pretty sure that she's gotten darker too.
Spoilers: Up to Not Pictured.
Wordcount: 3,423

Life is clear when she's in the water.Collapse )
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Mod Post; Challenge Extension [04 Jul 2006|01:24pm]

So, it is now officially over a week past the deadline, and still only one submission...for two challenges. I understand that RL more often than not takes away the time we wish we could spend in fandom - look at the fact that it took me this long to make this post! Summer especially usually incurs somewhat of a dearth in fiction. So, here's the deal: I'm going to extend the current challenges to Friday, July 21st. I don't want this community to be crazy-strict, where the mod gets mad at people that don't enter challenges. So, we will continue to run challenges. At the end of each challenge, I will make a post linking to all submissions, and if we have enough, we'll vote. If not, we won't. Simple as that.

(For the current banner challenge, we will do a vote if we get any more entries, even if there are only two. If we don't recieve anymore entries, rosemerry will win by default and have her banner used as the community banner.)

Comments, questions, etc?
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Reminder [13 Jun 2006|08:30pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

midpoint reminder, guys - entries are due in 10 days and we only have ONE graphic entry and NO fic entries. ill extend the deadline if nessecary, but i'd really like to see if we can get this completed by the original date. so get crackin' and share the weever love!

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Community Banner Challenge Entry [05 Jun 2006|07:59pm]

community banner challengeCollapse )
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Community Banner Challenge, Pool Challenge; Official Challenge Post [02 Jun 2006|01:51pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

OK, so here's the deal: I was hoping to get a larger membership up. But, we can't sit around and wait forever, so what we're going to do is run the first two challenges at the same time; a fic challenge and a graphic challenge, so there's something for everyone. I'm going to keep pimping this place out, because that's my job, but if any of you could help out a bit and advertise in a community or two it would be much appreciated. This is in no way mandatory.

The Basics:

Graphic Challenge
--The current community banner is just a placeholder - it's actually an adaptation of one that I made for a different website, so we need to rememdy that. You've got pretty much free rein on this one - just make a banner.

Fic Challenge
--This first challenge will be from a prompt. In honor of the start of the summer season, the prompt will be "pool". How you choose to interpret that word is completely up to you, but keep in mind that we are referring to the kind of pool that you swim in, as opposed to the game with cues and pockets.

The Specifics:

The Specifics: Graphic ChallengeCollapse )


The Specifics: Fic ChallengeCollapse )

You will have three weeks to complete one or both of these challenges; entries should be recieved by midnight of June 23rd. I can be a little lenient on the due date, as I may not get around to compiling the poll exactly on time. And lastly:

Submission GuidelinesCollapse )

I have created tags for every member of this community. _miss_daisy_, it wouldn't let me use your username as a tag - I'm guessing because of the underscore at the beginning. So if you could please tag your entries as "miss_daisy" instead, that would be great. If you're a new member (as in you've joined after this challenge was issued), leave a comment and I will add a tag for your username.

I apologize for being so anal, I just wanted all the bases covered. If you still have additional questions or comments, please leave them as a comment to this post.

Look forward to seeing all the entries!

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Introduction [21 May 2006|04:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome to the brand-spankin'-new WeeVer challenge community! Can't seem to get your fill? We strive to keep our fellow WeeVers entertained and, above all, busy! Idle hands are the devil's playthings and all - so why not put them to good use?

So, I'm your mod, christ_chexx_4u. I have another LJ, plasticeneposes, that I use to post my fic/icons. I'm known as Angelus1 on FanFiction.net, shadowfax at the LYLT archive, tangledgarlands on AIM, and my website is Jumping 'Ship. Confusing? Yes. I never really thought about keeping them all the same until I realized what a problem it would be.

Anyway, this is my first time modding a community. So, let's hope I can keep it all together! If it starts to get to be too much, I may ask somebody to help me com-mod, but for now I'd like to see how I fare on my own. I'm very excited about getting this comm up and running - I've got the first 8 challenges all planned out.

The first challenge will be a graphic challenge - creating a new community banner. The current one I modified from a banner that I made for the LYLT archive, but we need something fresh and new. Before we officially start the challenge, however, I'd like to get a decent-sized membership up. So pimp us out! To your f-list, to other communities you're in...wherever.

I made one pimping banner, which can be found in the userinfo for the comm. While you're there, take a look at the rules. They're fairly straightforward, common-sense type guidelines.

Thoughts, questions? Leave a comment. I'll be sure to keep everybody posted as to when the first challenge will offically begin. Looking forward to seeing everybody's work start pouring in!

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